Campaigning for better broadband

For the past couple of years I have been working with youth music charity NYMAZ to brand and promote their pioneering project Connect: Resound. It was conceived to overcome the problem of providing a well-rounded music education offer to rural schools when they are often time-consuming and expensive to travel to. The answer lay in technology.

Connect: Resound explored with primary schools how technology could provide a high-quality, cost-effective way of offering virtual, real-time instrumental tuition and live-streamed professional performances to pupils in isolated areas. The results have been tremendous: from Cumbria to Cornwall, children and music teachers alike have quickly become advocates for this new type of music lesson. Yet, there’s still one big sticking point: reliable, superfast broadband access.

Although digital technology could revolutionise the way schools provide music tuition, poor broadband in rural areas is limiting young people’s access to equal life opportunities. Superfast connections need to become the norm in order for virtual music tuition to fill the gap in provision for remote schools.

I created an easy-to-read summary of the latest phase of Connect: Resound and leveraged the publication of the report to add NYMAZ’s voice to the growing campaign for better broadband.

See the report here: