Herefordshire’s Winter Welcome

I'm currently working with Orphans on a Covid-recovery plan for Herefordshire, focused firmly on tourism. On the strategic side, I've supported the team by identifying market segments, working up user personas, contributing to the branding process and planning creative campaigns. I've also been assisting with the practical delivery, such as copywiting. This winter, we're keen … Continue reading Herefordshire’s Winter Welcome

Coventry Culture’s Family-Friendly Conference – My Take-Homes

Yesterday I swapped my desk for a day trip to Coventry Transport Museum, the venue for Culture Coventry’s very first Family Friendly Conference. Colleagues from across the sector generously shared their experiences in presentations and workshops, so I thought I would do likewise and share my principal take-homes from the event:  Keynote, Dea Birkitt, Kids … Continue reading Coventry Culture’s Family-Friendly Conference – My Take-Homes